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A-1 Painting and Perfomance Films Exterior Painting

There are many reasons to repaint. The color of your paint looks faded; the paint is cracked and peeling; you just want to update the color. Our external painting service is outstanding. We use a seven-step process to ensure your complete satisfaction.

The seven steps to a properly executed painting job are as follows:A1 Exterior Painting

  • We begin with a mildicide pressure wash to remove and prevent the growth of moss and mildew, and to remove dirt and grime.
  • The next step is to mask and cover all non-painted surfaces.
  • We then scrape, sand, and caulk all surfaces where needed. Any substrate repairs are made at this time.
  • Exterior primer is then applied to worn or bare surfaces as needed.
  • The first coat of paint is applied by spraying and back-rolling. Spraying is an exceptionally effective method as it guarantees even paint coverage. Back-rolling fills voids and ensures adhesion.
  • A second coat of paint is applied to all painted surfaces. This ensures a high degree of protection and color choice.
  • Inspection is the final step. Each job is inspected to make sure all areas are covered to the customer’s satisfaction and if touch ups are necessary they are completed at this time.
Exterior Painting

An added benefit to combining exterior painting and window film is that it changes a buildings existing exterior profile.

To schedule a free on-site exterior painting estimate, please go to the Contact Us page in this website. You can trust A-1 Painting & Performance Films with all of your commercial and residential painting needs - guaranteed!

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