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A-1 Painting and Perfomance Films Interior Painting

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Paint colors chosen for interior rooms should enhance your surroundings and make you feel comfortable at the office or at home. Once you have chosen your color schemes, our interior painting experts go to work to make your decorating dreams into a reality. For our Commercial clients we offer after business hours service.

  • Furniture is removed away from walls. All outlet covers are removed and fixtures are either removed or covered.
  • Flooring, windows, and furniture are masked and covered.
  • Nail holes and other flaws are spackled. Stains and water marks are sealed. Minor cracks and gaps in joints and trim are caulked. All repaired areas are primed.
  • After these steps are completed, paint is applied either with a brush, roller, or sprayer.
  • The rooms are inspected for any interior painting imperfections. Any imperfections are corrected at this time. As part of our clean-up procedures the furniture is moved back, and fixtures are either uncovered or replaced. Carpets and flooring are vacuumed and cleaned. Touch-up paint is left for the customer.

A1 Interior Painting
In addition to our interior painting service we also specialize in texturing, custom faux and other specialty finishes for that unique look, as well as stain and lacquer finishes for wood surfaces.

To schedule a free on-site estimate for your interior painting needs, please go to the Contact Us page in this website. You can trust A-1 Painting & Performance Films with all of your interior painting needs – guaranteed!

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